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Invest alongside Venture Capital and other Fund Managers in pre-IPO companies, and off market Venture opportunities.

How Veztr works


All opportunities on Veztr have been researched, vetted and selected by Venture Capital or Professional Investors as a suitable investment


Opportunities are presented to Veztr and listed for individual investors along with all collateral, due diligence, and investment notes from lead investor.


Individual investors can review and decide to co-invest in an opportunity at the exact same valuation.

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Why Veztr?

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Invest Alongside Venture Capital

After VC/ PE or Professional investors have performed their research and DD, they can take a ‘lead’ investor role in an investment opportunity. Often this can give other VC/PE the green light to co-invest. Veztr allows individual investors to co-invest in the same round at the same valuation with open rounds

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Review lead investors, investment notes and make your own investment decision.


Portfolio management

Track your portfolio, receive updates from companies you’ve invested with and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally only wholesale investors such as Venture Capital/ Private Equity/ Family office/ Funds etc get access to invest in these companies before they go public.

The majority of the population has to wait for a company to go public before they can buy shares and be a part of a company’s growth. Veztr allows investors exclusive opportunities to invest alongside top tier Venture Capital in promising private early-stage companies.

Watch the video showing you how it works (less than 5 minutes). During Beta, you can access Veztr directly by clicking here.

Absolutely, reach out to us here to talk about the Beta.

At Veztr we know paperwork is a drag, so we’ve made the end to end process of off-market investment all online. No more paperwork or fuss

Every opportunity is different and will have different investment terms which can be read on the IM or investment summary page.

All Investors who invest in an opportunity on Veztr will do so at the exact same valuation.

All opportunities listed on Veztr have a lead investor in the form of a Venture Capital firm, Private Equity firm, or professional/institutional investor.

This means that each organisation has conducted their own extensive due diligence and research, and decided to invest their own capital into each deal.

The opportunity is then presented to Veztr’s network with all due diligence material such as webinars with a company’s founder/CEO, in-depth analysis by the investment team, company pitch deck, global events, and all investor notes.

While Veztr and its investor partners invest their own capital into every opportunity and peform extensive research on every opportunity listed, we strongly recommend our users perform their own research and make their own investment decision.

Early-stage, privately-held companies are generally considered higher-risk investments, and many countries require individuals to meet specific criteria before being allowed to participate in these investments.

Veztr follows local regulations regarding accreditation, which vary country-by-country, but generally address the following two questions:

What is the minimum level of income and/or net worth of investors who are allowed to participate in these types of investments?

What proof do investors have to provide in order to satisfy that they meet these criteria?

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