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Invest alongside Venture Capital and Wholesale Investors in pre-IPO companies, and off market Venture opportunities.

How Veztr Works

    1. All opportunities on Veztr have been researched, vetted and selected by Venture Capital or Professional Investors as a suitable investment.
    2. Opportunities that are not fully subscribed, are presented on Veztr to individual investors along with all collateral, due diligence, and investment notes from lead investor.
    3. Individual investors can review and decide to co-invest in an opportunity at the exact same valuation.

      Veztr charges no upfront fees, or investment fees to use or invest.

Invest Alongside Venture Capital

After VC/ PE or Professional investors have performed their research and DD, they can take a ‘lead’ investor role in an investment opportunity. 
Often this can give other VC/PE the green light to co-invest. 

Veztr allows individual investors to co-invest in the same round at the same valuation with open rounds

Invest with No costs

Login to review investment opportunities.
Review lead investors, investment notes and make your own investment decision.
Invest with no fees or charges at all!

Portfolio management

Weekly investment updates
Shareholder updates
Tax reporting (to be released)

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